Uterqüe was created with the aim of elevating accessories to must-have status in women’s wardrobes, reviving the tradition of products made by hand using premium-quality materials, sold at very attractive prices. Luxury within the reach of the most sophisticated customers.

Uterqüe is not just a sophisticated fashion accessory brand. Its collections also include ready-to-wear clothing and leather goods designed exclusively by the brand’s creative team.

Footwear, bags, costume jewellery, accessories and a select clothing range made from premium materials and the finest leather. All these products share top-quality materials and cutting-edge design. The firm also sells sunglasses, belts, foulards, hats and umbrellas.

The products are updated continuously; all the stores receive new merchandise every fortnight, tapping the latest trends. The brand’s hallmark is its combination of premium quality at attractive prices.

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